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Tumbling v. Gymnastics: What’s the difference anyway?

A lot of times we speak to new parents who say, “My child wants to do gymnastics….or tumbling. She wants to learn cartwheels. Which is that?” While the terms are often used interchangeably, tumbling is commonly used to refer to... Read More

Self-Bullying and How to Develop Healthy Habits for Your Child

Self-Bullying: How it Starts Imagine this.  You greet your 12-year-old athlete for their weekly private lesson. The warm up starts well and so does the warm-up tumbling. Then you get to the back handspring. This is the purpose and plan... Read More

Happy Fourth of July 2019

Happy Fourth of July! We’re closed today, but have a happy and safe holiday! From all of us here at Twister Sports, we’d like to wish you a happy and safe Fourth of July.  Warrensburg  is one of the best... Read More

The Lowdown on Mental Blocks (Part 3)

This is the final part of a 3-part series about mental blocks. To read Part 1 and Part 2, click the associated links. The Perfectionist There are many different types of athletes – those who work hard and achieve their... Read More

The Lowdown on Mental Blocks (Part 2)

Imagine your child has a back handspring and has been doing them for months now, but all of a sudden one day they are incapable of doing it without assistance. They are unsure of what is going on, but you... Read More

The Lowdown on Mental Blocks (Part 1)

A time comes in every athletes life where they are going to struggle with a skill or set of skills. That’s just how life is sometimes, we might succeed in many ways but find ourselves falling short in other areas.... Read More

Ninja Warriors: A Gymnastics and Martial Arts-Inspired Program for High-Energy Kids

Here a Twisters we offer a multitude of programs for all ages and abilities. Each class ins unique in curriculum but similar in the physical and character education it teaches: The Program Our ninja warriors have a blast jumping, running... Read More

Recreational v. Competitive Classes: Which is best for my child?

Growing up I remember trying all sorts of sports. I loved playing games and being involved in a collective group where I felt accomplished and welcomed. For me that was my time involved in recreational sports. I did these sports... Read More

Pobody’s Nerfect….Nobody’s Perfect

Sports can push your child to strive for their own personal perfection. Out of all the sports I tried growing up (tumbling, soccer, swimming, baseball, basketball, track) I have never met more perfectionist until I experienced gymnasts, cheerleaders and dancers.... Read More

About Us…How Twisters Began

Established 2013 Today, Twisters is known as one of the most fun, exciting and lively places in the Burg. The staff and athletes are active in the community and there’s always something new going on at the gym! Twisters is... Read More