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Ninja Warrior

Ninja Programs That Build Confidence, Focus & Agility

Our ninja warrior classes will test your child’s skills through obstacle course training, warped wall runs, and tumbling. This is the perfect program for a child who has a ton of energy, because we promise they’ll leave tired, sweaty and talking about how much fun they had!

Ninja Tots (18 months to 3 years)

Ninja Tots is the perfect way for a high-energy toddler to learn new skills with the assistance of a parent. In this class, athletes will be guided by their parents through tumbling skills and obstacle course training.


Forward rolls, straddle rolls, log rolls, introductory backwards rolls, general balance, coordination, gross and fine motor skills. General obstacle course training is also taught.

What’s next:

When a child reaches age 3, he or she can move up to mini warriors.

Mini Warriors (Ages 3-6)

Mini Warriors is for ninjas ages 3-6 years old. During this class, athletes will learn tumbling and agility skills while also doing tricks that encourage balance and flexibility. A large focus in the class is obstacle course training similar to that you’d see on American Ninja Warrior.

Skills: Beginner tumbling skills are taught in this class as well as general strength and conditioning

What’s next: Once a child is in kindergarten, he or she may move to Ninja class.

Ninja Warrior (Ages 6-12 years)

During our Ninja Warrior Class we focus on obstacle-course training, agility and balance – but most of all – we will have fun and your child will leave sweaty and smiling! Athletes will learn a variety of ninja-inspired skills while moving through a warrior like obstacle course. They will need clean tennis shoes and comfortable clothing for this class. Skills: Beginner tumbling skills are taught in this class in addition to our full 1,000 sq. ft. obstacle course and regulation-size warped wall.