A Program That Fits Your Family

If your child loves to be moving, we’ve got some great options for cheerleading! Our athletes make friends, get fit and have fun during each weekly class.

Sideline Cheer: This 10-week session runs every fall and gives the athletes the opportunity to cheer for their home flag football team. Cheerleaders will learn sideline chants and halftime cheers and perform at 4-5 games every fall. Additionally, they’ll learn jumps, spirit and basic stunting.

Novice Cheer (Spring Session): During this class, we’ll focus on jumps, stunting, and learn a short routine that will be performed locally. This is perfect for beginners and no prerequisite skills are required. *Full-year novice program with two competitions will be offered in the 2020-2021 season. Please see the All Star Cheer Packet for further details.

Prep Cheer: This is perfect for athletes who would like to experience All Star Cheerleading in just a little bit shorter practice per week and without any travel. Prep cheer is also recommended for athletes who are new to the program or currently working on a few tumbling skills.

All Star Cheer: Our All Star Program is one of the most exciting in our gym. We’re currently in our 8th season, but preparations for season 9 are well underway. Because we understand the challenges of military life and family moves, we do accept athletes throughout the year! All Star Cheerleading offers a unique opportunity to learn stunting, jumps, dance and tumbling, and perform all skills in an action-packed 2 1/2 minute routine. Our sport is unique in that everyone plays a vital role on the team and no one sits on the bench! All Star Cheer, Novice and Prep programs are open to ages 4-18. Please contact us to see what programs and age divisions will be offered throughout the season.

Our sideline cheer is hosted in sessions and not eligible for the trial membership. 

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Download the All Star Cheer Packet for Season 9

All Star Novice Tiny & Youth Teams

Get the packet with all the info! Ages 3-12 years.

One day per week! Two local competitions!

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