Tumbling Clinics


Back & Front Handspring Clinic

Jan. 11, 10-11 a.m.

This handspring clinic is designed for athletes working on their standing back handspring, roundoff back handspring and front handsprings. We will work spotted skills and drills to get your child closer to their goal! There is limited space in this clinic.

Prerequisite: Back Walkover & Strong Handstand
Ages: 6+
Cost: $12 Members, $17 Non-Members


Intro to Basics Clinic

Jan. 18, 10-11 a.m.

This clinic allows our newest tumblers to focus on introductory skills such as rolls, cartwheels, handstands and bridges. We’ll pick the next skill that will most benefit your child and use our time doing drills and skills to work toward progression.

Prerequisite: None
Ages: 5+
Cost: $12 Members, $17 Non-Members

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