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Does my child have muscle soreness or an injury?

As your child growths in strength, he or she will inevitably wake up one day and realize their muscles are a little achy. For young athletes, this can be hard...... Read More

When to perform dynamic v. static stretching and how to prevent injury

When it comes to tumbling and gymnastics, many athletes make the mistake of diving straight into practicing at home without properly preparing their body. One important aspect of preparation is...... Read More

When is my child ready to start classes?

There is nothing more exciting as a parent than seeing your toddler’s personality bloom! After the first birthday, we often see children starting to understand words, phrases and tones in...... Read More

4 Reasons All Dancers Should Take Tumbling

If you’re a dancer, you know how important flexibility and body control is to building your technique. Have you ever considered the creativity that can be gained by having a...... Read More

Tumbling v. Gymnastics: What’s the difference anyway?

A lot of times we speak to new parents who say, “My child wants to do gymnastics….or tumbling. She wants to learn cartwheels. Which is that?” While the terms are...... Read More

5 Things Every Cheerleader Should Keep in Her Gym Bag or Cubby

There’s nothing that makes a coach happier than knowing their athletes are prepared. They’ve taken a few extra minutes to pack their gym bag and ensure they’ve got everything they...... Read More

Warrensburg Athletes Build Character

As coaches, we’re preparing today’s youth to be tomorrow’s leaders. Leadership comes in many forms, and our athletes are not only reflections of those various forms, but they’re also an...... Read More