There’s nothing that makes a coach happier than knowing their athletes are prepared. They’ve taken a few extra minutes to pack their gym bag and ensure they’ve got everything they need for practice. So, what’s in your gym bag? If you’re missing anything below, take a minute to grab it and throw it in there!

5. Your Cheer Shoes.

Yes! It’s hard to do a practice without shoes. While we have a few extra pairs laying around here at the gym, there’s something special about your shoes. Not only that, but you’ve selected a particular brand and style because they feel great on your feet. Their shaped to your body, and these days, you’re the only one who can wear them and feel super comfortable. 

4. Your Inhaler or Medication.

If you have an inhaler make sure you’ve got it in your gym bag. It’s scary for everyone when an athlete starts to have an asthma attack. Make sure it’s labeled and that it’s documented in your medical records here at the gym.


3. Water bottle.

During practice, it can be distracting and time consuming to have to run to the water fountain. For our teams, the coaches really prefer each athlete have their own water bottle right near the floor so they can hydrate during their breaks.


2. A Healthy Snack.

From time to time we see athletes who are really pushing themselves at practice, but if they haven’t had healthy eating (or enough food) for the day, it can dramatically affect their performance causing them to feel dizzy or lightheaded. A healthy snack in your backpack, like almonds or a granola bar, or a few dollars on their account, is helpful during these times to give you the boost of energy you need. Reminder: Food shouldn’t be kept in your cubby, keeping a few dollars on your account or keeping the food in your gym bag is a must.


1. Hair ties.

We know how easy those little things snap when we’re putting our hair up for practice. We love it when we see athletes prepared with several extra hair ties and/or bobby pins so they can keep the hair out of their faces and easily. This prevents distraction during practice and keeps everything moving efficiently!

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