There is nothing more exciting as a parent than seeing your toddler’s personality bloom! After the first birthday, we often see children starting to understand words, phrases and tones in our voices. As we get closer to 18 months, many toddlers are moving so fast, we’re having a hard time keeping up with them. For many, this signals the perfect time to get them in an activity so their energy can turn into ambition.

Building trust and confidence

For that reason, we’ve developed Twister Tots! This carefully designed class is built with your 18-month to 3-year-old in mind. Our incredible staff works alongside mom or dad in this parent-led class to help the child being taking instruction and learning independence. For many children, it’s important that parents are by their side as they begin taking instruction from other adults so they can recognize trust between the parent and the coach. Unfamiliar people and places can cause little ones to panic, so we like to ease them into their first instructional classes as a team with the parent.

Class structure

During this 30-minute weekly class, our staff sets up stations that are built to develop gross and fine motor skills in your child. Parent and tot duos will rotate through the stations completing each skill, obstacle course or training opportunity as our coaches help direct and instruct. The most exciting station of all comes when the parent and child get one-on-one training with the coach who will not only teach them new tumbling skills such as rolls, balance and flexibility exercises and agility training, but our staff will also help teach parents what they can be working on at home.

This fun class offers safe social interaction as well as children navigate through warm ups and obstacle courses as a class. From time to time, we’ll do fun activities such as obstacle courses, trampoline, air track and parachute.

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Looking for something different?

If your child is 18 months to 3 years old and has already developed independent-learning skills, be on the lookout for a new class releasing in January 2021!