Athlete's Name(Required)

Questions for the Athlete

Have you previously filled in as a crossover for half the season or more?(Required)
How would you rate your tumbling skills for the level in which you're trying out?(Required)
What positions would you accept as a crossover?(Required)
Note: It is VERY unlikely an athlete would cross over and fly on more than one team.

Questions for the Parent

Between tumbling, stunt privates and team practices, crossovers are often in the gym multiple nights per week. What is your max number of nights per week?(Required)
If you are also a crossover to competitive tumbling and/or hip hop, please include the TOTAL number of nights you're willing to be in the gym.
Our crossovers have to be conditioned more than any other athletes as they often have a short turnaround time between routines. Is your child willing to condition and stretch outside of practice to be prepared for this position.(Required)
It is normal for a crossover to prefer one team over another. Do you believe your child has the maturity to give 100% effort and positive attitude to both teams?(Required)