We want to welcome you to Twisters! Below are a few things that will help you:

✅ Check out our new member blog that will answer many of your questions HERE!
✅ Join Twister Nation HERE. Read more about Twister nation below!
✅ Beginner Tumblers, watch our orientation video HERE! (More orientation videos coming soon!)
✅ Make sure to check out our upcoming events. If you see one you’d like to try, reply back to this email and we’ll send you a coupon code for $10!

Twister Nation is our members’ only Facebook group. If we have any inclement weather, major announcements, sales and coaches’ shoutouts, they’ll all happen here first. In fact, you’ll also find some great pictures of your kids!

The Twister Sports Beginner Tumbling Orientation video will show you the basic outline of a class and a few drills you’ll likely see. Drills are the #1 way gymnasts and cheerleaders build muscle memory. By training drills, we’re instilling proper form and good habits in athletes. When they work with a coach, the coach can then spot the skill and troubleshoot any problems he or she may see.