We’d like to welcome you to Twister Sports! Here at Twisters, we like to be the hub of the community for children. We’re more than just a gym – we want to be your child’s home away from home – the place they meet new friends and develop strong role models.

We believe part of feeling welcome is feeling informed so your family is comfortable on their first day. Below are a few of the most common questions we get asked here at Twisters. If you’d like us to expand on anything below or you have any follow-up questions, simply reply to this email, and we’ll get you some answers!

1. What should my child wear on the first day of class?

Wearing proper practice attire is important for the safety of athletes and staff. Practice attire requirements are as follows:

*All Levels Tumbling & Twister Tots: A leotard OR athletic wear, such as a t-shirt or tank top and shorts or leggings. (We do have leotards available in our pro-shop!) Athletes will go barefoot.

*Gymnastics: A properly fitted leotard or unitard. Spanx are optional. Athletes will go barefoot.

Cheerleading Fundamentals & Sideline Cheerleading: T-Shirt or tank top and shorts or leggings; Ponytail with a bow.

*Ninja: Twister Ninja t-shirt (or trial member t-shirt during trial month) and athletic shorts, clean indoor tennis shoes.

Hip Hop: T-Shirt or tank top and shorts or leggings, and clean indoor tennis shoes.

Pre-Combo Dance: Tap and Ballet Shoes, a leotard and tights. A skirt or tutu is optional. We will start the class in tap shoes and transition to ballet shoes part of the way through.

Please have long hair pulled back tightly and out of the face. Jewelry is not allowed.

2. Where should I park?

You can park anywhere in our 2-acre gravel parking lot! No worries about parking. There is plenty! Our staff parks the farthest from the door so you have the closest spaces – easy for those carrying small children.

3. Where are you located?

We are located at 240 NW 13 Highway (a half mile north of Walmart on the left). If you are using GPS, please be sure that it directs you NORTH of Walmart. Sometimes Siri gets confused. The main entrance for the building is near the large adirondack chair (A great photo opportunity!)

4. How long are classes, and do parents need to stay?

Our classes are 45 minutes to an hour long depending on the class. Twister Tots runs for 30 minutes. During the trial period, parents should stay so you can get the full experience of your child’s class and ensure children feel comfortable with the environment and coaches. After your trial period, preschool parents are required to stay, but all other parents may drop off/pick up as long as an accurate emergency number is on file. It’s important to us to make your experience as comfortable as possible while in the gym. For that reason, we offer free WiFi and electrical outlets at almost every booth, so bring your laptop or electronic device to work on schoolwork or work projects if you’d like.

5. What amenities do you offer?

In addition to the free WiFi and easy access to power outlets, we also have a ton of other awesome amenities for you! We have changing tables in both the women and men’s bathrooms, a Healthy Vending machine that takes cash or credit card, a snack bar at our front desk, a fountain Coca Cola machine, an ATM, high chairs, and cable TV (so if it is Monday night, just ask the front desk to put the big game on!) We also offer indoor batting cages and even a massage chair! Our facility is also ADA accessible.

6. What will we do on the first day?

When you spoke to our staff, they likely asked you to come a few minutes early for your child’s first class. We want to make sure it’s a super special day for them. That means you’ll be able to tour our facility if you haven’t yet, get your child’s picture, we’ll get some information for their profile, and we’ll have you sign our waiver. If you would like to fill out your waiver ahead of time to speed up your first day, you can find it on our website at www.twistersports.com/waiver .

7. What will my child learn at Twisters?

We are focused on the whole-person concept. While we know your child is here to learn tumbling, cheer, dance, gymnastics or ninja warrior skills, we also know you’ve chosen Twisters because you believe your child can make friends, get fit and have fun. Additionally, our core values (which you’ll see posted in the gym), are the #1 thing we want to teach our students. In 20 years, they may not be able to do all their tumbling or ninja skills, but they will be able to demonstrate these core values in action. Click HERE to learn more about the Twister Sports core values and how they apply to athletes, parents and staff.

We look forward to having your family as part of our programs. If you have any other questions before your child’s first day, don’t hesitate to respond to this email or give us a call at 660-238-0577!