Exercise #1: Bird Stretch

Goal:  Help the athlete with hip tightness during tumbling.

Objective:  Increase the overall flexibility of the athletes hips

Description:  Using a modified lunge athletes will work on increasing their hip flexibility with a floor stretch.

Equipment:  None                    

Reps: 2 reps per side  Time:  20 – 30 seconds

Step 1:  Have the athlete get into a deep lunge on the ground where their front foot and leg are tucked underneath their hip and their other leg is straight behind them.

Step 2:  From there the athlete will lay forward on the leg that is tucked underneath them to perform the desired stretch on both legs.

Things to Watch for:  Make sure that the leg that is tucked underneath the athlete is adjusted so they feel the stretch in their hip.  This can be achieved by creating a 90 degree angle with that leg before they lay down on it.

Skills This Helps:  Limber skills

Challenge Yourself:  Hold the stretch 40 – 50 seconds.

Video of Exercise: https://youtu.be/0X3Z2uI2MoY