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Gym Updates for Families & Community Members

Updated April 23, 2020 at 1:14 p.m.

Good morning Twister Nation!

First, we want to first say a huge “thank you” to the community for your love and support as the last four weeks have elapsed. We have realized that our Twister family is truly the best!

Second, we wanted to let everyone know about a couple of incentives you will be receiving for maintaining your enrollment with us for May! These incentives will automatically be applied to your account so all you have to do is let us know when you are ready to use them!

Third, based on the governor’s press conference yesterday, we’re anticipating being able to safely reopen in May with some provisions!! We cannot tell you how excited we are to hear we could start to see some faces back in the gym soon!

That said, it’s important to us to ensure we’re keeping your family and our staff safe at all times. For that reason, we’ve been working hard on a 3-phase system of reopening slowly to ensure we can maintain adequate social distancing and comply with all regulations. That said, we will continue to offer virtual training until every single family feels comfortable returning to the gym. We’re so grateful for your commitment to us over the past month, that we want you to know – we will be committed to you as well. We understand this could take weeks (or even months) and we will gladly continue those classes as long as necessary.

You can find our full, 3-phase opening plan HERE.

So, you might be wonder….What kind of *incentives* you’ll be eligible for by maintaining your enrollment. Those who have maintained their enrollment since Mid-March will receive:

– 50% off any summer camps ($34.50 value per child per camp)

– Daytime Playtime punch pass per child ($30 value per child)

– $50 gift card when you book your birthday party at Twisters (can be used on anything except the party deposit)

– Make up classes for anything you’ve missed throughout the last six weeks

We are so extremely grateful for those who are able to maintain their enrollment, and we’re hoping these incentives show just a fraction of our gratitude toward each of you.


Angie & Danielle

Twister Sports, Owners