Exciting new update! Current registered members of Twisters will now receive FREE daytime playtime! Additionally, members 6 years and older will also be eligible to attend our weekly flexibility class on Tuesdays at 5-5:30 pm and Thursdays at 7-7:30 pm. Please see below for terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Current payment on your account must be up-to-date. Any overdue balance will not be eligible for the additional benefits.
  2. Trial members are not eligible.
  3. Those who attend session-based classes such as dance and recreational cheerleading are eligible if they are on our automatic re-enrollment plan. 
  4. Daytime Playtime on Thursdays 1-3 p.m. is designed for school-age children. Non-school age may attend, but please know this time is designed for older children. Our Friday morning 9-11 a.m. playtime is designed for our 0-5 year group. Older children who put little ones in danger will be asked to leave.
  5. Specialty playtimes are included, but special visits with Santa and the Easter Bunny will need to be registered separately and paid. 
  6. This does not include our Family Fun Nights or Open Gyms.
  7. Open Gym is still included at no charge for competitive athletes only. Recreational athletes will receive member pricing.
  8. Flexibility class is for athletes to work on their flexibility. Pre-registration is not currently required. Athletes must check in at the front desk a few minutes before class and obtain a pass to provide to the instructor. Athletes may attend as many flexibility classes per month as they’d like.
  9. Siblings who are not enrolled in classes at Twisters are not eligible for free entry to daytime playtime or flex class.
  10. Benefits are non-transferable to other siblings or athletes within the gym.
  11. Make up classes are still available as long as the account is current. This does not replace makeup options. 
  12. Members will receive 5 loyalty points for attending daytime playtime and 10 loyalty points for attending a flexibility class.