Holiday Family Nomination

Putting Our Core Values in Action & Making a Difference this Holiday Season

Here at Twisters, our top priority is to develop character skills in young athletes through sports. These character skills and values will stick with them long after the performances and competitions are over. In every class and practice, we focus on the seven core values for which our gym curriculum is built. Because we care for our community, we like to spend the holidays coordinating our resources and making an impact to bless others.

This year, we are opening our Nominate a Family program to the local community. Our athletes across the various classes, programs and age levels select a family and pool their resources to provide what that family needs and wants this holiday season. Each of the last two years, we were able to provide a room full of toys, clothes, food and hygiene supplies for a Warrensburg family who does so much to help others — but needed a little help around the holidays.

We have specifically created this link for those in our community who already do so much to help others. You may be a pastor, teacher, community leader or volunteer working to make our community better. For that, we thank you! We also know that your unique position allows you to know the ins and outs of our community and who may best benefit from a blessing this holiday season.

Please consider nominating a family you know who could use an extra blessing this holiday season. Our gym families will learn the genders and ages of everyone in the household. Our management team will know the names of the individuals in the family. Twisters will always maintain discretion in this process as this is not intended for promotional purposes, but to give back to the community.

To nominate a family, please ensure they meet the criteria and complete the form below:

  1. The family must live or work within 25 miles of Warrensburg, Mo.
  2. The family must have children living in the household who are under the age of 18.
  3. The family must be available to receive their gifts in person the week prior to Christmas. 
  4. You must be able to provide the first names, ages and sizes for everyone living in the house (for adults, please just notate that they are an adult and note their size to the best of your ability – a gift receipt will be provided for any clothing given to ensure sizing can be adjusted.)
  5. Twister families are known for their generosity and ability to give big in our community. Thank you for your nomination!

Nomination Form