Exercise #1: Shoulder Stretch

Goal:  Help athletes with limber skills and short spring skills.

Objective:  Improve the overall flexibility of the shoulders.

Description:  Reaching arms behind back in a pike position.

Equipment:  Floor                    

Reps:  3

Time:  20 – 30 seconds

Step 1:  Have the athlete sit down on their bottom with their legs straight and feet together.

Step 2:  While in pike position, the athlete will reach their straight arms behind their back with their fingers facing away from them and their pinkies touching or as close as they can get together.

Step 3:  Once their pinkies are touching they will walk their hands away from their body until they feel their shoulders stretching.

Step 4:  Once they complete that stretch the required amount of time, the athlete will adjust their arms for the second stretch.

Step 5:  While sitting in pike position, have the athlete reach their arms behind them with fingers facing towards their bottom, but this time their arms will bend once hands are flat on the ground.

Things to Watch for:  On the first stretch make sure the athlete focuses more on getting pinkies together rather than the distance the hands travel from their body.

On the second stretch the athlete does not need their hands to be close together but rather shoulder width apart.

Skills This Helps:  All skills

Challenge Yourself:  Hold the stretch for longer / increase the range of motion occurred during the stretch.

Video of Exercise: https://youtu.be/8fKCK0z-vnU


Exercise #2: Shoulder Pull

Goal:  Help the athlete with shoulder pain during their tumbling.

Objective:  Increase the overall flexibility of the shoulders.

Description:  The athlete will use their own body’s resistance to stretch the shoulders out while standing.

Equipment:  None                    

Reps:  3 Time:  20 – 30 seconds

Step 1:  Have the athlete standing with their feet  shoulder width apart and their hands clasped together behind their back.

Step 2:  From there the athlete needs to straighten their arms behind while leaning over with their hands still clasped together.

Things to Watch for:  Make sure the athlete gets their hands are secure before beginning the stretch.

Skills This Helps:  Limber skills

Challenge Yourself:  Hold the stretch 40 – 60 seconds

Video of Exercise: https://youtu.be/cT7_BoSCY6M