Exercise #1: Superman

Goal:  Help the athlete alleviate back pain and falling during tumbling skills.

Objective:  Increase the overall back strength of the athlete to benefit their tumbling.

Description:  Use the superman exercise to strengthen the athlete’s back.

Equipment:  Floor                 

Reps:  3 x 15 

Time:  5-10 minutes

Step 1:  Have the athlete lay on their belly with their arms and legs stretched out.

Step 2:  From there, the athlete will lift their arms and legs in the air so only their belly and chest are on the ground. 

Step 3:  Once they fully raise their arms and legs they will bring them back down so they are laying flat.  They will repeat that process until they hit the desired number of reps.

Things to Watch for:  Make sure the athlete is lifting their arms and legs up as high as they can on every rep otherwise the exercise won’t hit the desired muscles.

Skills This Helps:  All tumbling skills.

Challenge Yourself:  Hold each superman rep for a couple of seconds or increase the number of repetitions per set.

Video of Exercise: https://youtu.be/WwMweqbzX1o


Exercise #2: Good Mornings 

Goal:  Help the athlete increase the functionality of their back.

Objective:  Increase the overall strength of the back muscles.

Description:  Lowering and raising the upper part of the body to strengthen the back.

Equipment:  Nothing                 

Reps:   10 x 5     Time:  10 – 15 minutes

Step 1:  Have the athlete stand with their feet shoulder width apart and their legs slightly bent.

Step 2:  Next the athlete will pivot at the waist maintaining a slightly arched back until their upper torso is parallel to the ground.

Step 3:  Finally the athlete will raise their upper torso maintaining the form we discussed in previous steps. 

Things to Watch for:  Make sure the athlete is taking their time going up and down so they can focus on working out the muscles in the lower back.

Skills This Helps:  All skills

Challenge Yourself:   Increase the range of motion in the exercise.  Increase the number of reps and sets.

Video of Exercise: https://youtu.be/CkNmnDChsEk