Here a Twisters we offer a multitude of programs for all ages and abilities. Each class ins unique in curriculum but similar in the physical and character education it teaches:

The Program

Our ninja warriors have a blast jumping, running through obstacles. We combine the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and gymnastics to build mental and physical discipline. Obstacle course training not only wears out the young athletes, but teaches them balance, endurance and builds their strength. The warriors build flexibility required to hurdle over large objects and strengthen their joints and muscles along the way. The class is led by instructors who are experts at directing high-energy students and turning that energy into productive physical education. 

Our program is designed for athletes with high-energy, but we certainly have the ability to teach each student at his or her skill and development level. Our mini warriors learn independence and self-discipline when working at each station in conjunction with other athletes. Their persistence – working a skill over and over – develops valuable muscle memory and helps them get one step closer to achieving their goals.

Our Classes

A typical class looks a little something like this:

We begin with welcoming each athlete to the floor and immediately get started in obstacle course training. To do this, we use our warped walls, balance beams, quad walls, uneven bars, slack lines, rope swings and hanging apparatus (similar to monkey bars.) You’ll occasionally see us using equipment such as the netting and pommel horse to build upper body strength while having a ton of fun….because what’s the point in being a ninja if you can’t also have fun?

We then move in to stations where we work directly on skills such as speed, balance and coordination. Our one-on-one instruction pairs with partnerwork and self-led practice to build an athlete’s ability to work with a group and independently.

When our instructor speak to our warriors, you’ll often see them in a martial-arts-inspired stance. It’s important for our young athletes to learn these listening skills to demonstrate respect for themselves and others.

We Can Help Achieve Goals

There’s nothing that makes us more proud than seeing an athlete accomplish his or her goals. For that reason, we use extensive ninja-skill evaluation sheets and perform evaluations once a quarter. That allows our ninjas to move closer to their goals between classes. This fun, gymnastics and martial arts-inspired class is offered several times per week for both boys and girls. We’d love to invite you to try one of our great classes! Our New Members’ special offers your first month of classes for just $29 (and you get a cool t-shirt!)

Call us at 660-238-0577 or check out our New Members Special for more information.