addy 1-handeOur Tumbling and Trampoline programs are excellent for children of all skill levels and ages! Our Beg/Int Tumbling classes focus on the basics: Forward rolls, backward rolls, bridges, handstands, cartwheels, roundoffs and backbends. We use the trampoline to help teach the athletes body awareness and build core muscles that are vital to achieving their goals in tumbling. Our stations allow for children to learn agility and body awareness through hula hoops drills, tumbling on their toes through jump rope drills, and balance through beam exercises.

Trampoline classes focus on USA Gymnastics trampoline routines that include tuck and straddle jumps all the way through front and back flips. A coach is stationed as a spotter at all times while the trampoline is in use.

All athletes have assessment sheets where they are signed off on a skill after successful demonstration. This allows parents and coaches to determine a child’s progress efficiently, as well as establish when he or she may be ready to advance.

Recreational Classes: 
Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Tumbling
Spring Skills I & II
Tuck Skills

Specialty Classes: 
Mom & Me Tumbling
Preschool Tumbling
All Boys Tumbling
High School Tumbling
Adult Tumbling

Competitive Classes: 
Pre-Team Tumbling
Competitive Tumbling