Competitive TumblingOur Competitive Tumbling team is comprised of approximately 50 athletes, male and female, ages 3 to 16. Surge competes 3-5 times per year at the National Acrobat Compulsory Tournaments and MATS tumbling competitions in the mid-Missouri and Kansas City area. Athletes who are interested in competitive tumbling only need to possess a cartwheel and a backbend to join the team. Three hours of competitive tumbling classes are required each week where athletes will learn compulsory, optional power tumbling, and optional synchronized routines. Acrobatic skills, limber trick and mini-trampoline routines make this team a great addition for cheerleaders and gymnasts.

Pre-Team Tumbling is an alternate option for athletes who have the drive and motivation for a competitive team, but may have a heavy schedule. Many of our pre-team tumblers play other sports or have academic obligations throughout the week that prevent them from joining the competitive team. Pre-Team classes offer the same instructors and curriculum for half the time and a fraction of the cost. Competitions are offered once per year for our pre-team athletes, and are optional.