The Top 10 Things to Consider for Your Next Birthday Party

Hosting a birthday party can be a ton of fun – but also a ton of stress! Are you looking to make memories that will last a lifetime or take a year off the extravaganza while still celebrating an exciting event? No matter how huge or small you’re looking to celebrate this year, here are the top 10 things to think about when hosting your party! Hosting your party at the right place can be a piece of cake!

  1. How convenient is the location? Will your guests be able to find the party easily through either Mapquest or a few simple directions? With everyone’s busy lives, many people aren’t able to travel more than 30 minutes to a birthday celebration destination, so keep the distance and traveling time in mind for both you and your guests.
  1. How many guests can the venue hold? Even if the venue has a large play space, is there ample room for adult guests to sit and mingle? Bonus: Is there something for adult guests to do or a comfortable place to hang out while the children celebrate?
  1. Is the venue handicap accessible? Is the facility ADA accessible for elderly relatives and those with special needs? While most city codes require ADA accessibility for main spaces and bathrooms, many businesses are outside city limits or have been grandfathered in to current ordinances. When selecting the venue ensure any relatives with special needs will receive proper accommodations.
  1. Kids get sick and life happens! What is the venue’s policy on rescheduling parties? Many venues aren’t able to offer refunds as they block off the time for your party, but there should be a policy in place if your child is sick or gets injured prior to the party. Check with the venue to find out this policy to ensure your money is refundable or transferable in the event that something happens.
  1. How clean is the environment? No one wants to walk in and have to wipe a table or chair off before they sit down. Check out the venue first and ask for a tour! Find out if playground equipment, trampolines or mats have been sanitized recently – usually you can tell within the first few minutes if a place is maintained!
  1. What is the schedule of events? If you’re scheduling an event for a party – such as free swim/skate or open play – it’s good to ask when you can open presents, eat snacks and serve the cake. Some venues will have rules in place to keep the kids and equipment clean and safe. A venue that is well-experienced in party hosting, should have experience in this area.
  1. How early will you need to book your venue? Many places book out 4-6 weeks in advance, but that shouldn’t keep you from calling if you’ve decided to host a last-minute bash. Sometimes popular venues have cancellations or can offer off-peak times to host a great party at the last-minute. If you’re getting a head start with your party planning, consider calling early to get the optimal date and time for your party!
  1. What is the value v. cost? Parties that cost more should have incredible features, great staff and a safe, clean facility. Make sure you ask about all the features and packages included in your party! You WANT to host somewhere that excites your child and his/her friends. Places that are organized, experienced and constantly working to provide the best options for your party are likely to cost more – but often worth every penny!
  1. How much will the staff help you during the party? Will the venue offer staff to help you decorate, bring in snacks, serve cake and clean up at the end? If so – you’ve got a winner! Even with a low-maintenance party, you’ll want a staff who interacts with your guests, welcomes them to the party and takes some of the work off of you!
  1. What is there to do at the party? Kids like to be moving! You’ll want to make sure there is a ton of stuff to do for a variety of ages! The worst parties are the ones where the kids get bored before their time is up. Bonus: If the venue’s staff is there to monitor safety, but they’re also focused on making sure the kids are having a blast – that’s a winning party!

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