Why YOU Should Attend a Skills Clinic

You’ll often see us hosting skills clinics over holiday breaks or collaboration/early release days. We get asked (often) what the benefit of clinics is over regular classes or private lessons. When we host our clinics, we make them very specific. For example, the clinic going on at Twisters right this minute is a back handspring clinic. The ONLY two skills we’re focusing on are standing back handsprings and roundoff back handsprings.
  1. FLOOR SPACE & EQUIPMENT: During our one-hour Springs classes each week, we’re making sure we have a safe warm up, working on handspring drills, spotting skills and cooling down. This is so great to have repetition, focused learning environment and charging orders from week to week. BUT, the best part about clinics is that we make them a little longer, and we have the ENTIRE gym. That means, we can do a drill on the trampoline, spring floor, tumble mats, tumble trampoline and air track in a rotation format.
  2. NEW COACHES & NEW WAYS OF LEARNING: With about 30 awesome coaches on our staff, we’ve all got a different style of teaching and while we’re often all telling you to do the same thing to perfect your skills – sometimes we use different words – which can be SO helpful for kids. Each coach also has incredible skills they bring to the table. They’re highly trained in the things they teach – so they have fun new drills they study and test prior to each clinic.
  3. WHY DRILLS? The reason we do drills is because your body needs to learn proper muscle movement. That means, performing a skill repetitiously with a spotter is not always the best thing. But learning drills that mimic the skills we’re teaching is something you can do over and over and over…until your body knows exactly what it should feel like. THEN, when we spot you, you have naturally mastered the muscle memory it requires to perform certain skills. Spotting alone (without drills) can be a hindrance because as coaches, we tend to compensate for your weaknesses in order to keep you safe. But most drills are safe to do alone at the gym (and some drills can even be done at home.) Then, when we DO spot you, we find we’re having to do less and less compensating!!
  4. TROUBLESHOOTING: At the end of the day, we as coaches, like the opportunity to troubleshoot. Sometimes we diagnose weak muscles, lack of flexibility or just the need for repetition of good habits. Clinics allow us to observe your drills and spot your skills so we can ensure you’re developing good habits in your skills and catch the bad habits early on.
  5. BUILDING CONFIDENCE: At the end of the day, this sport is all about building your confidence. We want you to be strong, flexible and have technically sound skills….but more importantly, we want you to learn new skills you never thought you’d accomplish. We want you to set a goal, work like crazy to achieve it, and then celebrate every victory.
Clinics are not JUST for our advanced athletes. They’re not JUST for our competitive athletes. They’re for any athlete that wants to set a goal and has the motivation to work hard and achieve it. We know that applies to so many of you. We hope to see YOU at our next clinic!

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